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STEVLOC Management Inc. is a conduit to a network of private capital market opportunities.

STEVLOC Management Inc. is a registered Exempt Market Dealer. STEVLOC provides investors access to Private Capital Market investments.

As an Exempt Market Dealer, our elite private capital specialists provide investors and partner networks access to the private capital market.

Our goal is to educate investors on investment opportunities typically unknown to the consumer market. We primarily focus on private investment opportunities which are suitable for qualified investors.  STEVLOC will receive compensation or commission for the sale of any product sold.

We are committed to building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. 

STEVLOC is a proud referring partner with Wealthsimple. STEVLOC can provide you with access to active portfolio managers that the average investor typically cannot obtain including, no minimum investment limits and a cost effective investment portfolio. Wealthsimple allows us to provide access to portfolio managers with long term record such as Forstrong Global, BCV Asset Management and more. To learn about the enhanced options STEVLOC can provide through our relationship with Wealthsimple please click here or please feel free to contact me directly.

Proud Referring Partner toWealthsimple      Youtube video link  to learn more.

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