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Virtus Capital Management Inc. (VCMI) is boutique investment dealership that focuses on private market opportunities. We believe that our offerings provide qualified clients the chance to diversify their portfolios by investing in securities which cannot be accessed through the public markets.

Check out some of the opportunities that we have currently available. https://www.stevloc.com/investment

As a licensed Exempt Market Dealer (EMD), we have a fiduciary duty to act in accordance with provincial and federal securities regulations. For more info on the regulations we adhere to, please visit: https://www.stevloc.com/industry

Virtus Capital's due diligence team performs a qualitative and quantitative assessment on any investment opportunity we promote. We want to ensure we have a full understanding of potential risks and opportunities for the investment.  

We get a sense of fulfilment and pride from aligning qualified clients with the opportunity to invest in suitable alternative asset classes and thrive on seeing our client’s investment objectives realized. Our executive team has years of experience and is excited to promote the benefits of investment in the Private Capital Markets.

Since inception in 2014, Virtus Capital Management has been successful in building a brand of honesty, integrity and professionalism. These are attributes that breed and spread positivity. Our corporate culture focuses on sharing these positive attributes with any company or individual we work with.

We are looking to grow our team of financial professionals. If Virtus Capital Management sounds like the type of company you want to be apart of, then please take a look at our role description and contact us at contact@stevloc.com . I look forward to meeting more good people like you.



Virtus Capital Management strives to be a leader in the Private Capital Markets.

Our commitment is extended through a network of elite professionals with the responsibility of dealing honestly, acting in good faith and providing suitable guidance for every client. Our strength is built around our in-depth industry knowledge and due diligence. The primary focus of Virtus Capital Management is to help protect capital and create wealth.


SERVICING Commitment. The Virtus Capital Management approach is discipline.

Our executive team looks for opportunities within the Private Capital Markets. Our private capital specialists gain an understanding of the investor’s current investment holdings, investment objectives, risk tolerance and other financial attributes to determine if our current investment offerings would be suitable for their existing portfolio.



Creation of capital is paramount in any investment plan. We qualify each investor to ensure the products offered are suitable for short term and long term investment goals. All products offered have gone through an extensive approval process to ensure these investment opportunities have exceptional management, experience and reputation. We also ensure each investor is aware of risks associated with each investment. Our due diligence approach requires every investment transaction to be analyzed, qualified and critiqued under a matrix of 7 disciplines, as defined by our corporate identity.



Investment Suitability must be determined before you invest. Our private capital specialists are fully educated in the industry and our product offerings. Virtus Capital Management sources investments in many different industries; some of which have very low correlation to the publicly traded markets. Virtus Capital Management has private investment opportunities ranging from Canadian Real Estate to Oil and Gas. Our private investment offerings may include income producing, growth or tax advantage opportunities. A focus on suitability and capital preservation create the necessary alignment of the investor and Virtus Capital Management.

Aurelio Baglione
Chief Executive Officer

Aurelio Baglione, is the Chief Executive Officer and Ultimate Designated Person (UDP) of Virtus Capital Management (formerly STEVLOC Management Inc.). Aurelio’s industry experience and motivation for growth are invaluable to the expansion of Virtus Capital Management and strategic initiatives moving forward.

Since 1995, Aurelio has been President, Secretary, and Director of Winchester Financial Group of Companies and Virtus Financial Group of Companies. Winchester is an Ontario based company that has been promoting the purchase of fractional interests in commercial and residential real estate since 1995. Aurelio’s role at Winchester involves financial consulting, property and asset management and the provision of financial services.

Aurelio has also been President of Raleigh Management and Leasing Corporation since 2006. Raleigh is the financial agent for the Ontario Retail/Residential Limited Partnership offering. Raleigh provides financial services included in the tax-assisted real estate investment program including rental revenue guarantees, cash-flow guarantees, mortgage covenant guarantees, property management and administrative services and providing loans for the equity portion of a purchaser’s investment in tax-assisted real estate units.

Aurelio has over 30 years of experience in the ownership and management of 1.5 million square feet of Canadian and US retail, office, and residential real estate and has over 25 years of experience in the securities industry. He is also the founder of Crypto Canada Corporation.


Josh has over 15 years of experience in holding executive positions at international marketing and investment firms. Josh is the Executive Vice President here at Virtus Capital Management (formerly STEVLOC) and one of the partners in the firm. In this capacity his primary focus is to develop and execute on sales and marketing initiatives as well as grow our Investor network.

Prior to joining Virtus Capital Management Inc, he held the position as Regional Director of Sales, Eastern Canada a leader in North American land based real estate and development investments. In this role, Josh was responsible for a considerable amount of business development as it was his role to build the territory amongst advisors and investors.

Between the fall of 2012 and winter of 2015 he has been focused on consulting with private issuers and raising capital amongst his advisor network for Canadian real estate developments. Josh attended Georgian College, where he also guest lectures within the Business Communications Department. He holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree as well as a Bachelor of Education both from Brock University. He has completed the Canadian Securities Course, Exempt Market Proficiency course and several other professional certificates.

Chief Compliance Officer

Trevor has over 10 years of experience building and leading teams through divisional turnarounds. Previously, he consulted for national media companies where his projects focused on financial management and operational improvements to maximize revenue. He used Lean Six Sigma methodologies to streamline processes and gain operational efficiency. Trevor has also worked with several small and medium sized businesses, providing financial and operational guidance.

Trevor brings extensive financial and operations management experience to his role and applies his Lean Six Sigma experience across all systems and processes at Virtus Capital Management (formerly STEVLOC Management Inc.).

Trevor graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He focuses on continuing education, having completed the Exempt Market Proficiency and Officers’, Partners’, and Directors’ courses.



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