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The Invico Diversified Income Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of high yield lending and investment opportunities.  This private investment offering focuses on generating monthly income through a diversified portfolio with asset collateralization or direct ownership of the underlying assets.  This uniquely structured portfolio encompasses active professional management and focuses on generating income through high-yield lending strategies and energy working interests including non-operated working interests and royalties in oil and gas.  The target preferred return is 8%-10% p.a. plus potential profit sharing.  The Invico Diversified Income Fund won the “2016 Fund of the Year” award within the “Diversified Mature Category” from the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada.


We are focused on identifying “Special Opportunities” valued between $1 million and $10 million that are typically:

  1. Too small for institutional capital markets; or
  2. Too complex, time consuming or have higher perceived risks than traditional commercial banking groups are prepared to facilitate.

We typically work with private companies that often need to move quicker than traditional financial institutions are prepared to facilitate.  We can be more flexible in our lending terms and use our corporate finance background to structure workable solutions.  This allows us to capture higher rates of return than traditional lending arrangements.  Focusing on this niche marketplace with an active management approach provides a unique opportunity to investors.


An extensive due diligence and underwriting process is undertaken to protect capital and mitigate risks.  We have an experienced team comprised of portfolio managers, security lawyers, due diligence specialists, energy technical experts, accounting and marketing professionals.  We take a comprehensive look at management, their track record and business plans to determine if their goals are achievable and meet our due diligence criteria.  Loans are secured against company assets, and where applicable, incorporate additional guarantees, credit insurance and other security enhancements.

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Source: http://www.invicocapital.com/investments/invico-diversified-income-fund/


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